Maybelline Color Show The Nudes in "Warm me up" Nail Polish & DUPE ALERT!

Maybelline Color Show the nudes in "Warm Me Up"

Maybelline released a collection of nude themed nail polishes for their spring collection titled "the nudes" I picked up the nail polish from this line that seemed closest to my skin tone and I ended up with "Warm Me Up". It is a brown pink shade with no shimmer. It is also limited edition.
While I was applying this nail polish I couldn't help but think to myself that I owned a nail polish that was very similar to this, so I took a look through my collection and I realized that it was very similar to one of my O.P.I nail polishes "Barefoot in Barcelona". This nail polish was released in fall 2009 as part of the Spain collection. It is not limited edition and it retails for $9. In my opinion, "Warm me up" is practically a spot on dupe for "Barefoot in Barcelona"- I can't see a noticeable difference.
O.P.I Nail Lacquer in "Barefoot in Barcelona"
 I love colors like these because they are so versatile, if you can't wear bold nail colors to work etc and you still want to rock nail polish then you cant go wrong with them.
As a comparison of these two nail polishes I applied "Barefoot in Barcelona" on my index finger and the rest of the fingers are "Warm me up"
Index finger- "Barefoot in Barcelona" Other fingers: "Warm me up" 

"Warm me up" is a great alternative if you do not want to spend $9 on a nail polish as it is approximately $3, depending where you buy it. I purchased mine at Harmon for $2.99
Do you think it is a dupe?



  1. They are nice colours, could be considered a dupe.. our OPI nail polishes in Australia are $20!!
    <3 mishmsxo