NOTW: Revlon Nail Art StyleStrips in "Eye Candy"

Nail strips are ideal if you're new to nail art or simply don't have the time to do your nails. Most nail strips have beautiful patterns and designs that are easy to apply. Another cool thing is that you don't have to deal with the mess!
I saw these at local dollar tree and I love going there periodically because I like to take a look at their beauty section. They sometimes have Revlon, elf, or other drugstore brands and I buy them at a great bargain! I bought this for $1 and I believe these are no longer sold at drugstores so I picked up all of the other designs that they had.
I love glitter so I used this one first- it is a silver glitter with a purple ombre effect at the tips. It contains 16 strips, a nail file and a cuticle stick. They are easy to apply and I found that they fit my nails well. The trick to applying them is to smooth down the strip completely and then file the excess off with the nail file. After that I applied my favorite clear coat nail polish.
In person it looks a lot brighter and I love how it looks like I spent a lot of time doing my nails when in reality I just applied some nail strips. 

If you are interested in these nail strips then I recommend searching online because there are a few websites that still sell these or you can check out your local dollar tree store.

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  1. So, how long did they last on your nails?

    1. They lasted me almost a week with the slightest bit of chipping on the tips. the trick to getting them to last that long is to make sure they are applied properly- they are smoothed over the entire nail & the excess is filed off.