MAC 217 Brush and Imitation 217 Brush Comparison Review

Makeup brushes are important tools to have in your makeup collection. You can have high quality makeup but it wont look it's best if it isn't applied with the correct brush. I decided to buy the MAC 217 brush after reading so many positive reviews. Mainly due to the fact that it is a multi purpose brush, it can be used for blending eyeshadow, concealer and applying eyeshadow. I could not justify spending $25 on a brush but then I decided to splurge on it.

I don't regret my decision. It really is great for blending- it makes blending effortless. I couldn't believe it when I first used it. The bristles are super soft its the softest brush I've ever used. You can barely feel it on your lid. The bristles are goat hair. Another cool thing about the brush is its shape. It is an oval shape that fits perfectly in the crease. The handle is nickel plated. This brush is known for the numbering wearing off so I applied a coat of top coat on it.
I purchased this brush on Ebay thinking it may be a good dupe for the 217 brush. I purchased it for $1.16 from a Chinese seller and it took about 2 weeks to arrive and I bought it along with a 224 imitation brush. The brush is about the same size as MAC 217, the wooden handle is little thicker and the numbering is one the end of the brush. The brush is larger than MAC 217 . The listing for the brush does not state what kind of bristles it is made out of. The brush bristles are not as soft as the MAC 217.
The imitation 217 brush is thicker and bigger than the MAC 217 brush. It isn't ideal for those with small eyes.
I love the MAC 217 brush and I totally feel as though it is a must have brush- it makes blending your eyeshadow a breeze! If you cant buy this brush then I recommend giving the imitation 217 brush a try. Although it isn't a dupe of the 217 it is super cheap and still works for blending eyeshadows.

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