May favorites!

Late April and May I purchased a ton of beauty and makeup and spent the entire month trying them out. There were a few products that I really like but there were others that I thought was going to love but I found that I did not like them at all. 
NOW Solutions Coconut Oil- I placed an order on and one of the things that I purchased was coconut oil because I have been reading up on all the benefits of it. I'm planning on using it on my hair and for oil pulling. I have been oil pulling for two weeks now and so far I have not seen a huge difference but I love the way my teeth feel after I use it. I place one teaspoon of coconut oil in my mouth, let it melt in my mouth if it is solid, I swish it in my mouth for about 10-15 minutes, spit it out in the wastebasket and brush my teeth & floss. The recommended time is 20 minutes but I feel that its way too long for me so I started with 10 minutes and I'm trying to work my way up to 20.

NOW Solutions Rose Hip Seed Oil- I have been using sweet almond oil since January 2014 as a night-time moisturizer and I purchased Rose Hip Seed Oil to go along with it because this oil is great for skin especially for those who have acne. I also like using this on my body- I just mix a couple of drops with my body lotion. I love using this oil because it leaves my skin looking radiant in the morning. I purchased this on as well.

Jordana Best Lash Extreme mascara- This mascara is a cult favorite and I finally decided to try it out to see what all the hype was about. I must admit that I love the way that it volumizes my lashes and I love the size of the brush- it is not too long or big in size so application is not a hassle. I don't have to worry about getting product on my brow bone.

Bella Beauty Makeup Sponge- I am not a fan of makeup sponges because I feel like makeup brushes do a better job at applying makeup plus I don't have to worry about replacing them every few months. I picked this up at TJMAXX for $3.99 one day and I did not have high expectations for this sponge but it won me over. I like how it applies my foundation and concealer; it makes blending so fast and simple. I have actually been using it more than my brushes. I was so shocked! One thing that I don't like about this sponge that one the side of the clear plastic box that it comes in says that it contains a chemical known to the state of California to cause cancer so now I don't think I will continue using it. That's the only downside to this sponge.

E.L.F Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder in "Blushed and Bronzed"- I have been incorporating blush into my everyday makeup now because I like the way the pop of color on my cheeks look like. In the pan it looks very glittery but it doesn't transfer onto my face. It looks like a very natural blush color. I only use the blush as I do not use bronzer to contour. Most bronzers have glitter and are warm toned whereas for contouring you need a cool toned brown to define and slim the face.

What are your May favorites?



  1. Great favorites! I also love elf products. As for the mascara I haven't tried any good ones lately so I think I am going to try this one.

    1. Thanks for reading!
      Yes, I definitely recommend this mascara.

  2. I love Elf products! I have been looking for the Contouring Blush and Bronzer everywhere, but it has been sold out every time I go to the store!

    1. You buy it on elf's website, they sales all time so you can probably get it for less. it's really popular because its said to be a dupe of nars orgasm blush and bronzer duo.