No Poo Method: Alternative to Shampoo

  When I heard about the No Poo method, I was kind of grossed out by the name but I was interested in learning about what it's all about. I first heard about this method by watching a youtuber, Farah Dhukai. She talked about this method and I totally wanted to try it out as well. Lately, I have been using more natural products. I have been using natural products in my skincare and I have been avoiding products that contain harmful chemicals like parabens and SLS. I have been obsessed with and to be honest I'm still learning about chemicals and products to avoid. But hey, baby steps.

The "No Poo" method is popular because shampoo is known to have harmful chemicals like sodium laurel sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate that strips your hair of its natural oils and leaves it dry. Your hair tries to compensate for that dryness and produces even more oil and the result is oily hair. Many people who do the no poo method experience softer, healthier and less frizzy hair. There are different methods to this such as using baking soda and rinsing with apple cider vinegar rinse, co-washing (using only conditioner), honey shampoo and shampoo bar.

As I am writing this post I have started my "No Poo" journey with J.R Liggett's shampoo bar. I purchased this on for about approximately $3. I purchased the coconut & argan oil shampoo bar because I love the smell of coconuts and I thought that this shampoo bar will leave my hair smelling like it. I doesn't smell like coconuts! *cries*

 My routine so far consists of washing my hair with this shampoo bar, rinsing it out with an ACV rinse and then using coconut oil on the ends of my hair. The ACV rinse that I am using is from this website, I have been using the same measurements of ACV and water but I have not been adding the other ingredients. I definitely recommend you add an essential oil of your choice because ACV smells bad! I will be buying essential oils to add to it because I cant stand the smell. I'll probably use lavender, coconut or vanilla essential oils. It's too soon to tell how I feel about the shampoo bar so I will post an update in a month.


My hair is wavy and it is frizzy especially at the scalp. It is wavy and depending on the weather it gets kind of curly. An issue that I normally face with my hair is that it gets very frizzy in humid or rainy weather. No matter what products I use, if it rains or gets humid my hair will get frizzy. No product can tame my frizzy hair.These are my problem areas and in a month I will post an update. I hope that the no poo method will make my hair less frizzy.

Are you apart of the "No Poo" movement? 
What do you think?


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