Dumpster Diving for Makeup

If you were given the chance to rummage through the dumpster of your favorite beauty store and get your favorite makeup products for free- would you take it? 

There are actually many people who go to stores  after hours and search through the dumpster to see what products they can score for free. Makeup, clothes, electronics etc. Mind you, most of these people who do this are financially stable and their justification for doing this is that if they can get a product that works properly, is unwanted and is free then it's fine. I think it's sort of the same feeling as when someone finds a product they really like that's on sale for a really cheap price. It's like a sort of rush that they feel. I know it may not be the same feeling but that's what it reminds me of.

Note; that this post will not be about dumpster diving for food or other necessary things for life because that's a whole different discussion and if someone has to search in the garbage for their next meal that is something that no one should look down on.

However, there are a lot of ladies who go to their favorite beauty stores and they look through the dumpster and find a ton of make-up products. Most of which are testers and have already been used. If you would like to know more just go to youtube and search dumpster diving for makeup and you'll see loads of videos of women sharing what they got while dumpster diving. One video that stood out to me was one where a lady went to a sephora dumpster and most of the products that she got were testers that were halfway used. She was so excited to have found these products for free and she claimed that she disinfected everything but I really wondered if it's still safe to use them. 

In the video the lady shows a liquid eye makeup remover that was about 1/3 of the way used and I shuddered at the thought of her using it, it's definitely not possible to sanitize liquid makeup, mascaras, lipglosses. Sure, you can sanitize the applicator but that doesn't mean that the product itself is sanitized as well. Moreover, you just don't know where that makeup has been. We all know better to share our makeup with our friends but how are they ok with using products that have been used by tons of people. It is foolish to assume that these products are just being swatched on the back on their hands.

I believe that it isn't worth it to risk your health just to have high end makeup- it isn't a necessity. We are always warned about the risk of getting eye infections when using someone else's mascara or eyeliner and using makeup testers are no different. There are other risks as well such as herpes and more. It is no secret that high end makeup makes us feel a little more glam and special even if we aren't aware of it but it isn't smart to risk your health for a fleeting moment of happiness. In our modern world good health right now is a luxury that not everyone can afford.

I would love to know your thoughts about this and if you ladies have ever dumpster dived for makeup please share your experiences.

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