MAC Prep + Prime Lip Prime : Unsung Heroes

review of mac prep + prime lip ideal for matte lipsticks

The Unsung Heroes series is dedicated to products that are amazing yet are not very well-known.
The first post of this series is dedicated to my new love, MAC Prep + Prime Lip. 

When I entered MAC I did not have the intention of buying this but when I was swatching all of the matte lippies (I have an obsession with matte lipsticks) the MUA suggested I try it on. I tried it on and applied Ruby Woo over it. I noticed that it left my lips moisturized, the color stayed on my lips for a long time and it did not feather. That is when I realized I really needed this product in my life!

Prep + Prime Lip is a clear lip balm that when applied will ensure that your lips are smoothed, moisturized and your lip color will last longer on your lips. It costs $16 and contains 1.7 grams of product. It has a vanilla scent that I love! 

MAC Prep + Prime Lip is a basic lip product that should be in every woman's makeup bag. Basically, you apply it on your lips as it were a lip balm and you let it sit on your lips for about a minute until it feels sort of tacky on your lips. It feels as if you applied a glue stick on your lips (its weird, I know) This will ensure that your lip color will adhere and stay on longer and it smooths the lips. When you first apply it on your lips it feels very slippery, its like the same texture when you apply a primer that contains silicone then it gets tacky on the lips.

Prep + Prime Lip has become my HG because it lets me wear matte lipsticks without having to worry about it drying my lips and it helps my lip color stay on longer even through eating and drinking. It's great for both matte and other lipsticks. Even if you don't own any matte lipsticks this will still be great for you because it will help your lipstick stay on longer. As I stated before, I love matte lipsticks but sadly my lips are dry so I cant wear them for more than a few hours at a time before I have to remove it and apply them all over again but it doesn't look good because I'm left with dry patches. This product definitely solves all of those issues.

If you ladies love matte lipsticks but feel like you cant rock them because they are too drying then I highly suggest you try Prep + Prime Lip.



  1. I should get this as I like wearing matte lipstick but dislike the drying effect of it.


    1. Same. They're so drying on my lips but I wear them bc I feel like they are the most flattering on me. however, this product really works- my lips dont feel dry after using matte lippies!
      Thanks for reading!

  2. This sounds like a great product! I don't even own any matte lipsticks because I rarely use them, but I might give this a try!

    1. It's great for all types of lipsticks not only mattes. It definitely makes the lipcolor long-lasting.
      Totally give it a try! Thanks for reading :)