Yin Yang Nails!

how to do yin yang nail art

Yin Yang Nails! I love the way this turned out and I have received so many compliments from people.

I was tired of just doing regular nail colors so I wanted some change. I decided to try yin yang nails for the first time and change my nail shape. I was so tired of my nails I felt like I wanted a drastic change and it does feel like a change because I have had square nails for years. Lately Ive been seeing that pointed and oval shaped nails are very trendy now and I wanted to give it a try. It's a refreshing change but I miss my square nails and I think ill be going back to that.

I painted my nails white with Milani's high speed fast dry nail polish in White on the Spot. Then I used L.A Colors Art Deco nail art lacquer in black (you can use any nail art polish with a thin brush) and created a S-shape on the nail. It is easier if you take your time with it- if you try to draw it in one shot then the shape wont look right. After that I used Wet n Wild's Fast dry nail color in Ebony Hates Chris to fill in the black side. After that dried I took the round ends of a hairpin and dipped them in white and black to create the dots. Voila! That's it! You can apply a top coat if you like but I didn't.


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