JustFab Haul!

 My latest obsession as of late has been JustFab. If you are not familiar with JustFab it is a shoe subscription website where for $39.95 a month you can have one pair of shoes from a selection of shoes that are picked according to your style. There's a lot of controversy about JustFab because of the fact that to purchase their items you have to become a V.I.P member and when you do so they can automatically charge you every month $39.95 unless you choose to skip a month. To skip a month you have to do it between the 1st and the 5th of that month and then they wont charge you $39.95. A lot of people have issue with that because its easy to forget to select the skip a month option as Justfab doesn't remind you. Personally, I haven't had any of these issues and I just make sure to create a reminder on my phone so I remember to skip the month.

I was browsing the JustFab website and I saw that they were holding a huge sale. Most of the styles that I wanted were quickly selling out and I managed to purchase these beauties. I purchased the Tarina flats in size 9, the Christian boots in size 9 and the Arrival handbag in Tan. I got a great deal and I paid less than $50 for all this.

 This is the Tarina flat in size 9. It is made of  faux suede and on the tips of the shoes there is gold beading. The tips of the shoes are an almond toe so they are like a pointed toe shoe but its a little rounded. I love these flats because they are your basic black flats but kicked up a notch. You can add these shoes to a basic outfit and it automatically dresses it up. I wear a size 9 and they feel true to size. I'm looking forward to wearing them in the fall.
I have the black version of this boot and I just had to have the brown pair, I feel like the brown pair is much cuter. Christian is a brown faux leather boot with strap and studs and has a very low heel. They also feel true to size. Another thing people dislike about Justfab is that often times the shoes are not true to size-sometimes its a half-size too small or big. It helps to check out the reviews on the site before you buy to make sure what size to pick. One thing I don't like about these boots are that the soles are very smooth- I will have to put a sole on the bottom. They feel true to size and they feel comfortable.
Last, is the Arrival handbag in Tan. I purchased this bag as a gift for my mother. It is a beautiful tan color and it has a gold chain detailing on the front bottom of the bag. Its a large bag- these are the measurements: 14.5L x 11H x 6.5W. 
There is another zipper compartment in the back of the bag.
Inside the bag there are two zipper compartments on one side of the bag and on the other there is a pouch. The interior of the bag is animal print. This bag also has a detachable shoulder strap. It's so big so you can fit a lot of things in it and its great that it has so many compartments because you can keep everything organized. This bag also feels very sturdy and it doesn't feel like it was made of cheap material. I was very impressed with this bag because it felt so sturdy like it'll last me a long time. I hope their other bags are like this.

Overall, I am very pleased with my JustFab purchase and I can't wait to buy some more shoes from their website!
Have you shopped from JustFab?


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