Revlon Gel Envy Nail Polish in Wild Card

Revlon gel envy wild card and top coat

The latest craze when it comes to nail polishes are gel nail polishes. Almost every brand has released a gel nail polish line. I have never had a gel manicure at a salon- actually, I have never had my nails done at a salon so I really wanted to try this nail polish to see if it was any better than a regular nail polish. Lately, I have been lusting after nails inc. gel nail polishes after seeing HeyClaire's video on them. I can't justify spending $14 on a nail polish so I will not be picking them up. Maybe....
Wild Card reminds me of Baker Street so I'm happy to have a dupe. Now if only I can find a dupe of Kensington High Street....
Revlon describes this as a longwear nail enamel with a gel-like shine. No light required. Up to 11 days of lasting color. In 30 easy to remove shades.
So basically this isn't supposed to be exactly like a gel mani but the results are supposed to be similar of one. The nail polish is a base coat and a nail polish in one and the directions state to apply two coats. Then you apply one coat of the diamond top coat to ensure that it stays for a long time on your nails.

Review of revlon gel envy nail polish in wild card and top coat

Wild Card is a beautiful cobalt blue with no shimmer or glitter. I applied two coats as directed but you can get away with applying one. After that I applied one coat of the top coat. It's important to use both polishes because that is how it is going to remain on your nails for a long time. Also, the top coat definitely adds shine. I have received so many compliments on my nails with this color because it's so gorgeous and summer appropriate.
In terms of wear, for me this nail polish almost lived up to its claims. It lasted me about 10 days without any major chipping. It actually did not chip on me those 10 days but after that I noticed that it began to wear. If you work with your hands then you'll experience chipping much faster.
I purchased this at Walmart and I paid $4.97 for each polish.
I'm impressed with these nail polishes and I plan on purchasing more shades.


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