Christmas Nail Art #2

Out of all of the holidays of the year I love Christmas which is kind of weird of me to say because I am  not that person who loves to hear Christmas songs and all of that stuff. I guess its my favorite holiday because its a very joyful time of the year and a perfect time to be with family and that's what I love the most. 

I went pretty crazy with my nail art this time considering I did different things on each finger but I can definitely tell I was in the Christmas spirit while doing this. I did a candy cane, a reindeer, Santa's coat, a snowflake and Christmas lights. I'm very impressed with this look and I got a ton of compliments on them.

It's pretty easy to do and you don't need any tools to do this. Bobby pins, nail polish and a toothpick will do. I had some nail polish strippers so that helped me but I also used toothpicks to draw the straight lines. I used the round ends of bobby pins to create dots so you definitely don't need any nail art tools to do this.

Candy Cane: I painted my nails red with Wet n Wild's "I Red a Good Book" and then I used a white nail polish striper and I drew diagonal white lines across the nail.

Reindeer: I painted my nails white with Milani's "White on the Spot" then painted almost half of the nail with a brown polish, Naturistic's "Jammin' Java Creme". Then I used a toothpick and drew the antlers with the same brown polish. After that I used the white polish and with one rounded end of a bobby pin I did two white dots for the eyes then I used Wet n Wild's "Ebony hates Chris" and dotted over the white. For the nose I used Wet n Wild's "I Red a Good Book" and dotted that with the bobby pin.

Santa's Coat: I painted my nails red with Wet n Wild's "I Red a Good Book". I drew one white vertical line with the white nail polish striper and a horizontal line on the top of the nail. Then I took a black nail polish striper and drew a horizontal line in the center. When that dried I took my toothpick and dabbed it into a gold glitter polish, Sinful Color's "All About You" and created a little square in the center of the black line.

Snowflake: I painted my nails blue with Nicole by OPI "Nothing Kim-Pares to Blue" then I painted one vertical line with my white nail polish striper and then two diagonal intersecting lines like an *. Next, I took my bobby pin and dipped the end in white nail polish and created a dot on each end of the line and then created 3 dots on the bottom of the nail.

Christmas lights: I painted my nails white then I created a squiggly black line with my toothpick and black nail polish. Then I used a few colors and made dots with bobby pin on the line to resemble lights. I used a blue which was Revlon's Gel Envy nail polish in "Wild Card", a pastel green which was Sinful Color's "Song of Summer", Wet n Wild's "I Red a Good Book" and Sally Hansen's Insta Dri in "Sonic Bloom".

Don't forget to top it all off with your favorite top coat for shine and protection!
You can definitely just do one design or do all of them. I like how fun they are and I had a fun time doing this nail art- it helped distract me from all the exam finals stress.

Which design was your favorite?
How are you rocking your nails for the holidays?

Happy holidays,

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