2015 Blogging Resolutions

 The start of the new year brings along with it a set of resolutions that we all make and aspire to achieve. Some of us achieve our resolutions while others abandon or "forget" them. I made my blog in March of last year although my blog is still a baby, myself like all other bloggers wish that our blogs grow this year. As I want this blog to flourish I set a few goals for this year that I hope to meet.

Blog more often: My blog schedule is 2 posts a week- Sundays and Wednesdays. I have a busy life and when my spring semester begins its only going to get a LOT busier. For 2015 I want to have 3 posts a week.
Improve my photography: Pictures are a crucial component to your blog- you can gain or lose readers due to your pictures. Some bloggers I read solely because they have great pictures that look like they belong on a magazine. A picture is worth a thousand words so this year I want to have much better pictures. This means I have to spend more time working on lighting, placement and etc.

Invest in a better camera: The camera that I use now is a canon point and shoot. It gets the job done but it takes a little more work to get a good shot because I have to get the right amount of lighting and stuff. I like my camera but sometimes it doesn't work well when I want to take pictures of my makeup because it doesn't pick up the colors hence the lack of makeup look posts. I know a few girls who use the Nikon D3200, its a DSLR and it photographs their makeup so well. This camera is a really great deal for a DSLR so I'm saving up to purchase this camera.

Change my header & layout: My layout was done by me and it took a lot of trial and error- mostly error. My first header was done by my best friend but after I changed my blog name I had a new header done. I want to improve my blog's image by having a nicer layout and header.

Become more informed with google analytics & html: This is absolutely every blogger's goal. Google analytics and HTML are like totally different languages to me. I read articles about how to use them but they make no sense to me. I want to learn how to use google analytics and HTML to help my blog grow.

I hope that I achieve all of these goals and that my blog grows substantially this year.
What are your 2015 goals?


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