My thoughts on JustFab

You have probably heard about JustFab from seeing their commercials on television. That is how I heard about this company and ultimately signed up. For those who don't know about JustFab- it is basically a shoe subscription where between the 1st-5th of the month you get charged 39.95 and you can use that credit towards the purchase of a JustFab item (they sell clothing, shoes, handbags and accessories) For this very reason, there is a lot of controversy surrounding this company.
After the 5th of every month if you do not select the "skip the month" option you get charged $39.95 so you have to be aware when its the first the month because they will charge you and they will not refund you.

JustFab does have some trendy pieces which is what drew me to that company in the first place. For instance, most of their pieces are similar to designer pieces so for those who want a designer handbag but cant afford it then JustFab is your best bet. Sounds great, huh? Trendy pieces for the low. Well, its not as great as it seems.

I own a several pairs of shoe and a handbag from JustFab and I have seen how JustFab items wear. I love my JustFab shoes because they're so cute but they break so easily. I own a pair of Ollah gladiator sandals which I love soooo much but they have broken 4 times and I fix them everytime because I love those sandals so much.
JustFab Ollah Sandals
 I thought it was just the sandals that were defective so I didn't think much about it but then my favorite Tarina flats broke as well! The beads on the flats are sown on so when one bead comes off the others come off as well. After the fiasco with these two pairs of shoes I realized that I have the same problem with my other JustFab shoes. I have to constantly clean my Christian boots with the same stuff that you'd clean your leather boots because they'll dry up and crack if you don't. Absolutely too much maintenance for cheap shoes.

JustFab taught me a lesson to not sacrifice quality for quantity because cheap things simply do not last. The shoes that they sell are not worth the price tag. For those who are considering about joining JustFab I suggest you don't because you will not be satisfied with their quality and their customer service sucks.


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