Shabby Chic Provence Heart Square Four Drawer Mini Chest- £17.95

Heart Shaped Wooden Shelf- £17.50

Miss Etoile Closed Eyes Canister in Medium-  £12.10

Wooden Mirror Jewellery Box- £15.95

Clear 19 Compartment Cosmetic Organizer with Drawers- $19.99

Luxe Acrylic Modular System

Organization is not fun. We all can relate to it- as makeup aficionados we amass a lot of makeup but then we face the dilemma of not knowing where to store it which leads us to store our stuff anywhere and its not esthetically pleasing and organized. A lot of bloggers have shared their makeup collection on their blogs and social media and we all admire how organized and fab it looks but lets admit its pretty expensive. This led me to go on the hunt for pretty storage items that don't break the bank. 


My favorites are the Shabby Chic chest as its so pretty and I haven't seen anything like it. It seems perfect to store little bits and bobs. I'm also obsessed with the Miss Etoile canister and I can use it to store my makeup brushes. The Wooden Mirror Jewellery Box is perfect for me as I store my jewellery in a glass heart shaped dish; I will be able to store and organize all of my things in the box. The Heart Shaped Wooden Shelf is adorable and hopefully Ill be able to store some of my nail polish on it. The Clear 19 Compartment Cosmetic Organizer with Drawers is a economical option for makeup storage- it has a couple of drawers and you can store some lipsticks and miscellaneous things on top. The Luxe Acrylic Modular System is a very interesting option as you can buy each drawer separately and customize it according to your needs. If you need more drawers you can simply buy more and stack them. Easy!


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