Stylewurks Ultimate Blending Makeup Sponge

 Makeup sponges have been having a moment since 2013. Back then we used to use little wedge and rectangle sponges that weren't all that pretty and then the Beauty Blender came out and BAM!
It revolutionized the beauty world. Since then a ton of companies came out with Beauty Blender dupes most of them falling short of the real thing. I wouldn't know as I haven't purchased a Beauty Blender because I'm still debating whether its worth it but I have tried a few dupes.
On to the review...

I purchased this sponge at Harmon for about $5. It is Latex Free & Hypoallergenic and you're supposed to wet it, squeeze the excess water out and bounce it on your skin to stipple your makeup on. In general, I do like makeup sponges because they give a beautiful finish and its not cakey at all but I feel like I end up using more product with a sponge. This sponge does not feel as soft as it should and I wish the top of the sponge were more pointed that way it would be a lot better at blending concealer.

I wont be repurchasing  this faux beauty blender because it I feel like there's better faux beauty blenders out there.

Do you think the real Beauty Blender is worth it?

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