You need this: Parian Spirit Brush Cleaner

Cleaning makeup brushes is tedious but necessary. Using dirty makeup brushes can lead to breakouts and you're supposed to wash your makeup brushes weekly. A lot of us makeup obsessed ladies have a lot of brushes so having to wash them all is very annoying and then there's the possibility to skip a few washes. Not to mention the fact that washing your brushes with soap and water is harmful to your brushes. Water can seep into the brush's ferrule and over time loosen it.

Introducing, Parian Spirit Brush Cleaner. It's a quick and effective brush cleaner that cleans and disinfects brushes. After using this, your brushes dry very quickly- it takes a couple minutes for it to fully dry so its perfect for makeup artists. 

This has a strong citrus smell so it doesn't smell like alcohol. I love the scent but those who don't like oranges may not want to try this. Honestly, the scent is the only possible con of this product. It cleans makeup brushes instantly, it conditions the brushes and you don't need a lot of product. I purchased the smallest spray bottle and it lasted me a little over 5 months. I LOVE Parian spirit brush cleaner because its super effective and its cheap too. I bought mine at CameraReadyCosmetics for $6.50 but Beautylish sells the cleaning system for only $23 and you get a lot more for your money. Keep in mind that this has to be shipped ground so it takes longer than usual to receive it. It took me almost 2 weeks to receive mine but that's because CRC ships from California but its worth it.

This has definitely become part of my Holy Grail makeup collection.
Have you tried this?
How do you clean your brushes and how often?

Dupe? MAC Ruby Woo vs e.l.f matte lip Rich Red

mac ruby woo e.l.f matte lip color rich red
MAC Ruby Woo is one of MAC's popular lipsticks and is basically every woman's go to red lipstick. Ruby Woo is a beautiful blue based red that looks great on all skin tones and it retails for $16. I stumbled upon this e.l.f lippie on pinterest that said that Rich Red is a perfect dupe for Ruby Woo so I had to try it out. Rich Red retails for just $3 and I paid only $1 because I found it at Dollar Tree.

Ruby Woo's downfall is that it is very drying on the lips because it is a true matte- its like sandpaper on your lips. Rich Red is a blue based red and although e.l.f calls this a matte lip color, it is not a true matte and therefore it is nearly not as drying as Ruby Woo. Rich Red is very easy to apply and very pigmented.

mac ruby woo e.l.f matte lip color rich red
Ruby Woo and Rich Red are very similar in color however Rich Red is definitely not a matte finish. You can achieve a matte finish simply by blotting your lips or applying a little bit of translucent powder on top. I love both and I find that Rich Red is very similar to Ruby Woo on the lips.
e.l.f matte lip color rich red
mac ruby woo
What is your go to red lip?

Jordana Matte Lipstick in Dare: Swatch

This lippie is from Jordana's Modern Matte lipstick range. I really like Jordana's retractable lip liners so I decided to pick up a shade up and I chose this shade because I love dark lippies. Dare is a dark purple shade. These lipsticks retail between $3-4 and I purchased this at Walgreens.

February 2015 favorites

I am so late with this post but I wanted to share with you all my February favorites. I tried to change up the products that I use and do more eyeshadow looks since I tend to just wear mascara or winged eyeliner because its easier and faster.
BH cosmetics 28 neutral palette bdellium 776 brush mac prep + prime lip nyx soft matte lip cream copenhagen
BH Cosmetics 28 Neutral Palette: I purchased this on Hautelook a few months ago. Prior to buying this, I had a few concerns because looking at the swatches this palette looked like a definite miss. I bought it for $5 because I had hautelook credit and decided to give it a try. If I didn't like them then I would have only wasted $5. I'm glad I bought it because the shadows are pigmented and they last ALL day (Kanye voice) I am so pleasantly surprised at how long wearing these shadows are. I also love the color selection as I am a fan of neutral colors. I'm not sure if BH cosmetics reformulated this palette but I'm so glad I bought this. I recommend purchasing this palette but only if you can catch it on sale.

Bdellium tools 776 brush: I discussed this brush in my latest post. I LOVE this brush- it's basically identical to my soulmate MAC 217 brush but its a fraction of the price. Since I have been doing a lot of eyeshadow looks this has been my partner in crime. Seriously, pick it up if you haven't- you will not be disappointed. REVIEW/COMPARISON HERE.

MAC Prep + Prime Lip: This is GOAT for matte lippies. Especially for people who have dry lips and have a hard time getting their lippie to last longer and not dry out their lips. I use this for a ton of lipsticks, not just MAC lipsticks, and it works just fine. REVIEW HERE.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Copenhagen: I am a fan of NYX and their soft matte lip creams. Actually, maybe everyone is. You can't go wrong with this line; there are so many shades and they are so affordable. My favorite shade at the moment is Copenhagen- its a beautiful dark red color that I get tons of compliments on whenever I wear it. REVIEW AND SWATCH HERE.

BH cosmetics 28 neutral palette
What are your favorite products for the month of February?

Dupe? MAC 217 vs Bdellium 776

mac 217 bdellium 776 brush dupe
 We all know how amazing MAC 217 blending brush is. It's like the gawd of all makeup brushes and you simply cant go wrong with its multiple uses. MAC 217 makes me want to own like 100 of them but... I don't want to go broke on makeup brushes. At $24 a pop, I was encouraged to find a dupe for this brush and I think I've found it. After looking on Beautylish, bdellium tools was recommended to me by a makeup artist.
bdellium tools is a very affordable makeup brush company. I have heard of tons of people who love this company and their brushes as they are affordable but their brushes are high quality. I purchased a couple of 776 because it seemed very similar to 217 brush. It retails for  $9 and you can purchase it from or other websites.
bdellium 776 brush has a long wooden handle and it measures 6.7 inches. The fibers are all natural.
MAC 217 brush has a wooden handle and the ferrule is nickel plated brass.
The two brushes in terms of handles are different. 776 is yellow and the 217 looks more sophisticated in my opinion in terms of packaging. 776 has a longer handle than 217.
mac 217 bdellium 776 brush dupe
These two brushes are very similar in shape, both have fibers that are densely packed in an oval shape. The reason why 217 is so loved is its shape, this dense oval shape is what makes blending so effortless and the bdellium 776 does not lack this. It's surprising how similar the 776 is to the 217 brush. The main difference is texture. MAC 217 is a super soft brush; when you're blending with this brush you can barely feel it on your eye. Bdellium 776 fibers are not as soft but they aren't scratchy either but this doesn't bother me.
My wallet is so happy that I've found this dupe as I don't have to purchase any more 217 brushes. Bdellium 776 is a very close dupe to MAC 217- the only difference that I can find is the softness of the brush fibers. For $9 a brush, Bdellium 776 brush is a great bargain. 

What do you think?

#limecrime Scandal?

Let me start this post by establishing that I REFUSE to purchase any products from any company that has shady business practices and Limecrime is no exception.

Currently, Limecrime is a very popular brand thanks to the Instagram and Youtube self-proclaimed "gurus" who promote their products but right now these same gurus are turning their backs on Limecrime because of the latest scandal. I ask myself, why now?

 For years, Limecrime has been involved in many scandals ranging from Xenia aka Doe Deere dressing up as Hitler, bullying bloggers into giving rave reviews of her products and threatening legal action to those who do not, selling overpriced repackaged makeup, Sugarpill cosmetics obsessed, overall lies and issues with their quality control regarding their makeup. All of these scandals and Xenia brushes them off as haters- not professional. 

The latest scandal is regarding fraudulent charges during their last cashmere restock. Apparently, the processing company who handles payments got hacked and those who made a purchase from Limecrime had money debited out of their accounts. Some even had a couple of thousands of dollars from their account. You know what's even more terrible? Limecrime didn't even inform their customers- people found out when they checked their bank accounts or were notified by their banks. All Xenia did was post a few pics on IG apologizing. Not enough.

Due to this, IG and YT gurus are throwing away their Limecrime products and boycotting Limecrime. It's about time but it has left me wondering why now? Why did they not realize that Limecrime was a terrible brand when she did all of those other things? Is it because she sent them a ton of free products? Will this boycott end when she releases new products and sends it to them?

Personally, I don't see whats so great about Limecrime. The only product I was lusting over was LC Salem because of the color but NYX soft matte lip creams are amazing and affordable.
Are you on team #byelimecrime or are you still in love with Limecrime?

Maybelline Matte + Poreless Foundation in Warm Honey

Maybelline Matte + Poreless Foundation
I ran out of my HG Covergirl 3 in 1 foundation and I decided to give this foundation a try. Maybelline Matte + Poreless claims to be suitable for normal and oily skin and it retails for approximately $6. As the name suggests, this foundation also claims to give your skin a matte and poreless appearance.

 I have tried the original Fit Me foundation but I didn't like the texture of it so I gave it away. I bought this foundation in the hopes that it would be different than the original formula and it is. It's different in the sense that the texture isn't as runny. I like that its light to medium coverage but its buildable so you can sheer it out for light coverage or build it up for those who want to conceal spots. For reference, I'm NC42 in MAC foundations and Warm Honey is slightly darker than NC42- I'd say its like NC43.This foundation is long lasting, it lasts about 10 hours without fading. I like applying this with my flat top kabuki brush- I find that it blends very well.

The only things that I don't like about this is that I have to make sure that I moisturize well because my skin is very dry right now due to a new skincare routine that I'm trying but that's my problem so I don't really blame it on this foundation. This foundation is definitely ideal for those with oily skin. Oh, and no pump. Seriously, when will makeup companies get the hint that we want pumps?!

Maybelline Matte + Poreless Foundation is a yay in my opinion. It's very affordable as its $6 and I purchased it for $4 because I had a $2 off coupon. The foundation does not break me out and the texture is fantastic, I hate runny foundations so this foundation's texture is perfect for me. If you like matte foundations and you don't have dry skin then I highly suggest you try this. It may become HG status for me.

Have you tried Maybelline Matte + Poreless Foundation, if so what do you think?
Whats your HG foundation?