Dupe? MAC 217 vs Bdellium 776

mac 217 bdellium 776 brush dupe
 We all know how amazing MAC 217 blending brush is. It's like the gawd of all makeup brushes and you simply cant go wrong with its multiple uses. MAC 217 makes me want to own like 100 of them but... I don't want to go broke on makeup brushes. At $24 a pop, I was encouraged to find a dupe for this brush and I think I've found it. After looking on Beautylish, bdellium tools was recommended to me by a makeup artist.
bdellium tools is a very affordable makeup brush company. I have heard of tons of people who love this company and their brushes as they are affordable but their brushes are high quality. I purchased a couple of 776 because it seemed very similar to 217 brush. It retails for  $9 and you can purchase it from bdelliumtools.com or other websites.
bdellium 776 brush has a long wooden handle and it measures 6.7 inches. The fibers are all natural.
MAC 217 brush has a wooden handle and the ferrule is nickel plated brass.
The two brushes in terms of handles are different. 776 is yellow and the 217 looks more sophisticated in my opinion in terms of packaging. 776 has a longer handle than 217.
mac 217 bdellium 776 brush dupe
These two brushes are very similar in shape, both have fibers that are densely packed in an oval shape. The reason why 217 is so loved is its shape, this dense oval shape is what makes blending so effortless and the bdellium 776 does not lack this. It's surprising how similar the 776 is to the 217 brush. The main difference is texture. MAC 217 is a super soft brush; when you're blending with this brush you can barely feel it on your eye. Bdellium 776 fibers are not as soft but they aren't scratchy either but this doesn't bother me.
My wallet is so happy that I've found this dupe as I don't have to purchase any more 217 brushes. Bdellium 776 is a very close dupe to MAC 217- the only difference that I can find is the softness of the brush fibers. For $9 a brush, Bdellium 776 brush is a great bargain. 

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