#limecrime Scandal?

Let me start this post by establishing that I REFUSE to purchase any products from any company that has shady business practices and Limecrime is no exception.

Currently, Limecrime is a very popular brand thanks to the Instagram and Youtube self-proclaimed "gurus" who promote their products but right now these same gurus are turning their backs on Limecrime because of the latest scandal. I ask myself, why now?

 For years, Limecrime has been involved in many scandals ranging from Xenia aka Doe Deere dressing up as Hitler, bullying bloggers into giving rave reviews of her products and threatening legal action to those who do not, selling overpriced repackaged makeup, Sugarpill cosmetics obsessed, overall lies and issues with their quality control regarding their makeup. All of these scandals and Xenia brushes them off as haters- not professional. 

The latest scandal is regarding fraudulent charges during their last cashmere restock. Apparently, the processing company who handles payments got hacked and those who made a purchase from Limecrime had money debited out of their accounts. Some even had a couple of thousands of dollars from their account. You know what's even more terrible? Limecrime didn't even inform their customers- people found out when they checked their bank accounts or were notified by their banks. All Xenia did was post a few pics on IG apologizing. Not enough.

Due to this, IG and YT gurus are throwing away their Limecrime products and boycotting Limecrime. It's about time but it has left me wondering why now? Why did they not realize that Limecrime was a terrible brand when she did all of those other things? Is it because she sent them a ton of free products? Will this boycott end when she releases new products and sends it to them?

Personally, I don't see whats so great about Limecrime. The only product I was lusting over was LC Salem because of the color but NYX soft matte lip creams are amazing and affordable.
Are you on team #byelimecrime or are you still in love with Limecrime?

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