e.l.f Daily Brush Cleaner

e.l.f Daily Brush Cleaner
I purchased this cleaner at Target because I needed a product to temporarily fill the void that my much loved Parian Spirit brush cleaner left until I receive a new bottle in the mail. I like to spot clean my brushes frequently during the week because they'll be cleaner and therefore will not have a probability of causing breakouts.

e.l.f states that this is an "anti-bacterial brush cleanser for cleansing in between makeup applications, disinfects brushes to give a fresh and clean application every time and helps to keep brushes lasting longer for extended use"
This retails for $3 and it can be purchased at Target, Walgreens and other stores that carry e.l.f.

I really wanted to like this cleaner because of the price and I had high hopes that it would replace my Parian Spirit cleaner. Unfortunately, it shattered my hopes. This cleaner did nothing to clean my brushes, it was almost like water on my brushes. I tried it on blush brushes, eyeshadow brushes and foundation brushes but I sprayed the product on the brush and tried to rub the makeup off the brush- nothing happened. Just a tiny bit of product came off the brush. I became so annoyed that I ended up washing my brushes the traditional way with some dish soap and olive oil. I also do not like the scent; This cleaner has a faint scent of cucumbers and I do not like that smell. This cleaner does not live up to its claims at all and I'll stick to what I love the most. Maybe I got a bad batch?

Have you tried this?
What are your thoughts?

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