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emjoi epi slim review epilating tips
I am a hairy young woman. There, I said it. I know I'm not the only one and all of us women understand the struggle of hair removal. We want to be bare especially for the summer because of bikini and sundress season so we go to great lengths to wax, shave, thread, tweeze- you know the deal. All of which is super painful. For the past year I have added epilating to my hair removal regime.

What is epilating?
This is the question that I receive without fail whenever I tell someone that I epilate. Essentially, it is a machine that looks like an electric shaver. Instead of razors there are rows of little tweezers that when you glide it over the skin where you want to remove hair will pluck out the hairs.Cue disgusted look.

Is it painful?
Like waxing, it is painful especially when you first do it but after that it is very bearable. You'll get used to it. Don't forget that pain is beauty.

I only epilate my underarms because I find that I get better results- it lasts longer and I don't have to worry about having dark underarms due to shaving. I prefer epilating my underarms instead of waxing because I don't have to spend money on getting it waxed, purchasing wax if I were to do it myself and spending a lot of time waxing myself. Honestly, I'm not a big fan of waxing my underarms.
emjoi epi slim review epilating tips
I have been using my Emjoi Epislim for about 2 years and I purchased it on ebay for approximately $13. I purchased this little guy because I was new to epilating and I wanted to try it out. It is very simple to use- you just have to slide the button up to turn it on and it functions on 2 AA batteries. The epislim has rows that have 2 tweezers and rows where there is only 1 tweezer. I find that it works well and gets the job done. It's definitely good for the price as a lot of other machines retail for double or triple the price of this machine.

The trick to having a good experience when epilating is to select a epilating machine that has more rows with more tweezers. This will result in the hair being removed faster. 

Overall, I prefer epilating because its mess free and less costly compared to getting waxed regularly.

 Do you epilate?
What is your preferred hair removal method?

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