Review & Swatches | Milani Color Statement Best Red & Pretty Natural Lipsticks

Milani Color Statement Best Red &  Pretty Natural Lipsticks
I'm definitely late to the Milani Bandwagon. I have heard many wonderful things about their products and I have tried a few Milani products in the past but I never tried their lipsticks. Their lipsticks are definitely one of the most raved about products that Milani has and I gave in and bought two. I purchased Pretty Natural and Best Red.
Milani Color Statement Best Red &  Pretty Natural Lipsticks
Milani Color Statement Lipsticks retail for $5.99 and they come in the most luxe packaging for a drugstore lipstick, if I do say so myself. The bottom of the lipstick is clear so you can see the true color of the lippie. These lipsticks contain vitamin A and C to nourish your lips. These lipsticks definitely don't dry out my lips like other lipsticks that I have.
Milani Color Statement Best Red &  Pretty Natural Lipsticks
Pretty Natural is a natural rosy pink shade that looks great on all skin tones and is ideal for everyday wear. Best Red is a true red and I'm in love with it because it isn't drying and I've been wearing it more than my ultimate fave Ruby Woo. These lipsticks are very pigmented and last for hours. I love the scent of the lippies as well- they smell like watermelon. All in all, I don't regret buying these lipsticks and the Color Statement line has a vast range of shades and I plan on getting more of them.

What are your thoughts?
What is your favorite drugstore lipstick collection?

RegenFX Skincare | Luxurious Skincare for All

regenfx skincare

I got the awesome opportunity to review Regen Fx Skincare from Brand Backer. This skincare brand interested me as their products are formulated for all ethnicities and skintypes. RegenFX products are free of harsh chemicals and fillers and they promise to reverse signs of aging while protecting the skin. This year I have been more skincare-conscious and I understand the need of having skincare that protects your skin but also having beneficial ingredients so I was very intrigued in RegenFX claims.

I received RegenFX's Ultimate Hyaluronic Complex Serum, Age Defying Moisturizer and Total Regeneration Eye Gel. It's packaging is sleek- white and black packaging and they all have pumps to dispense product. Ultimate Hyaluronic Complex Serum promises to counteract wrinkles, sagging and dullness. It is a clear gel like consistency with no scent that absorbs into the skin very quickly. I apply this at night after my toner and then apply the Age Defying Moisturizer. This is my favorite from the group; it contains super 7 peptides complex for intense collagen regeneration to diminish fine lines and wrinkles. It is white and it has a creamy consistency. This moisturizer has a light peppermint scent and it absorbs into the skin quickly like the serum. I apply this moisturizer twice a day. I apply Total Regeneration Eye Gel twice a day. This eye gel contains plant stem cells, triple peptide complex and pure amino acid complex. It is a clear gel and it absorbs quickly into the skin.

I see why RegenFX claims their skincare is formulated for all skin types because it is moisturizing but it absorbs quick so that it does not feel heavy on the skin or too much for those with oily skin. I don't have wrinkles or saggy skin so I couldn't put the serum to the test but I did like the moisturizer and eye gel.

RegenFX is sold online and available at Amazon (Purchase here)..... For now. Later it will be available in stores.

What do you think?

Disclaimer: I received these products from RegenFX for review purposes- all opinions are honest and my own.

Color Club Nail Lacquer | Mrs. Robinson

Color Club Nail Lacquer Mrs Robinson Swatch Magenta nail polish
I think its safe to say that Color Club Nail Lacquers are slowly winning my heart. I picked up Mrs. Robinson at my local Harmon store- they carry a range of mini Color Club nail lacquers for about $3. All of the shades are gorgeous but I settled for this one. Mrs. Robinson is a beautiful magenta and 2 coats for full opacity. This polish has a very shiny finish. I had 4 days of wear with slight wear on the tips.
I love this shade as its perfect for summer and I love the formula.

What is your favorite nail polish shade for summer?

MAC & Sephora Haul!

mac beauty blender tropic tonic matchmaster foundation
I'm one of those people who like to reward themselves when they've achieved something or buy things when they're feeling down. Life has been very hectic for me and I've been going through some things so I decided to buy some things from MAC that I've been lusting after- unfortunately, it did not go so well because a lot of the things that I wanted were out of stock. Then I headed over to Sephora and purchased a real Beauty Blender because I wanted to see what all the hype was about.
mac skinfinish natural medium tan
I purchased the limited edition red carpet Beauty Blender. It's basically a red beauty blender. I wanted the original pink instead but they were out of stock. At MAC, I wanted the Face & Body foundation which I really wanted considering I wanted this foundation last year but the MAC girl talked me out of it. This time it was sold out and I also wanted the new prolongwear foundation but that was sold out as well. I asked for a sample too, just to try it before I order it but she didn't want to. I ended up settling for Matchmaster foundation in 6.0. When swatched it appears a tad  too dark for NC42 but its actually a good match. I was afraid that I had to return it. I also picked up the MSF Natural in Medium Tan as I had always wanted to try it. I have always heard that its an amazing powder and I wanted to put it to the test. It really reminds me of the Maybelline Dream Wonder Powder though so I'm not sure how I feel about it.
mac matte lipstick tropic tonic
My favorite purchase is Tropic Tonic from the new matte lipstick collection that was released not too long ago. Tropic Tonic stood out to me because its such a lovely shade and perfect for the Summer. Its described as a full power coral but I feel like its very wearable. This shade will look great on all skintones especially on tan to dark skintones. I'm pretty sure I'll need to use a nude lipliner with this one.

I'm very pleased with my purchase and I can't wait to start wearing Tropic Tonic- that color give me so much life!

Which shade from the MAC Matte Lipstick collection are lusting over?
What are your most recent makeup purchases?

My Skincare Routine!

amara organics skincare retinol vitamic c eye gel serum

 I used to suffer from cystic acne- you know the deal, huge red pimples all over the face. To make matters worse, my face liked being symmetrical with it and I would get one on one side of my face and another on the other side at the exact spot. So annoying. I've come a long way from then mainly from cutting out dairy from my diet. However, from time to time I get some occasional acne. What I'm really dealing with is red acne scars and texture (mostly pitted scars) which I really want to get rid of.
acne skincare
Right Side
acne skincare
Left side
As you can see, my left side is my trouble side- I have a lot more redness. My right side is pretty tame except I do have a breakout that is starting to go away.
I recently won a giveaway hosted by Amara Organics on Ashley Olivia's blog. I received a Retinol Serum, Vitamin C serum and an eye cream. I'm so glad that I won the giveaway because I was looking into purchasing these serums as I heard they are great for reducing the appearance of acne scars.

The Retinol serum is a 2.5% retinol with Hyaluronic acid in a dark glass bottle with a pump.
The Vitamin C Serum has 20% vitamin C and contains hyaluronic acid as well. It comes in a dark glass bottle with a dropper. The eye cream comes in a plastic container with a pump.

I'm excited to start using these products and document my results. Hopefully, these serums will help with my acne scars, texture and maybe with the formation of any future acne. In about 1 weeks I will post my results with my new skincare routine and a review about the products and then again in a month. By the time this post is up I will have had about 5 days of using this skincare system.

My first Phillies baseball game!

My brother is a huge baseball fan like he knows a lot of stats and other stuff. He loves the Phillies which is kinda funny considering the rest of the family are Yankees fans. My family and I decided to surprise my brother and take him to a game. It was hilarious because the entire way there he did not know that we were going to the game and he kept asking why we were headed to Philadelphia. The look on his face as we walked to the stadium was priceless.
This was game #7 against the Colorado Rockies and the Phillies lost the series against them. Phillies lost this game 4-1 which sucked but it was kind of promising at like the 7th inning because all of the bases were loaded but the player striked out... All in all, it was a fun game and we had a great time.
By the way, what is up with people trash talking players when they're sitting way up in the stands? Do they not realize that there is no way that the player can hear them?