My first Phillies baseball game!

My brother is a huge baseball fan like he knows a lot of stats and other stuff. He loves the Phillies which is kinda funny considering the rest of the family are Yankees fans. My family and I decided to surprise my brother and take him to a game. It was hilarious because the entire way there he did not know that we were going to the game and he kept asking why we were headed to Philadelphia. The look on his face as we walked to the stadium was priceless.
This was game #7 against the Colorado Rockies and the Phillies lost the series against them. Phillies lost this game 4-1 which sucked but it was kind of promising at like the 7th inning because all of the bases were loaded but the player striked out... All in all, it was a fun game and we had a great time.
By the way, what is up with people trash talking players when they're sitting way up in the stands? Do they not realize that there is no way that the player can hear them?

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