My Favorite Youtubers

I love youtube. Youtube has basically replaced TV for me.  I have a few favorite youtubers that I love to watch because they are so knowledgeable and talented. I'm sure most of you know them already but I wanted to share them to spread the love and for those who are not familiar with them can follow them if they are interested.

Jackie Aina

She's beautiful, talented, intelligent and funny! I love her videos and I always learn something new. Jackie is so hilarious and her snaps always have me laughing! Jackie does a variety of different makeup looks and she is great at explaining makeup- I love that she does a lot of colorful looks as I tend to stick with neutrals and I've been leaning towards more colorful looks since watching her videos. She gears her videos towards women of color which is great because she really helps WOC with different makeup techniques. Don't get me wrong, all skin tones can watch her videos and learn a lot from her.

Claire Marshall

Claire has a lot of makeup experience as she was a makeup artist but now youtube is her fulltime job. Claire is gorgeous and I love her makeup and style. She's so cool and effortless and I enjoy watching her videos. Claire is the queen of editing- her videos always seems as though you're watching a mini movie; she puts so much effort into her videos. She can make a simple video into an amazing & interesting one just with her superb editing. I also love her vlogs- she lives in LA so you get to see LA through her vlogs. Plus, she has an adorable cat named Bruce. Just a warning: if you watch her latest video that I attached just know that you will cry. I'm not going to spoil it but watch it.


Peakmill is so beautiful and I love her makeup. She slays makeup and her style is amazing! She does a lot of GRWM, style and hair videos and I always learn something new from her. I always enjoy seeing her videos- she is just so cool to me. I get a lot of fashion inspiration from her videos.

Batalash Beauty

This channel consists of three ladies who collaborate and make videos. They are very talented and have many makeup looks that are creative. My favorite from the group is Samantha- she is so beautiful and I love her personality. She is just so confident and honest with her viewers and I appreciate that.

I have many more youtubers that I like but these are my top favorites and I wanted to share them with you. They are all beautiful and talented youtubers and I hope you check out their videos. If you like them, subscribe.

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