What is Strobing?

Strobing is the "new" makeup trend to hit the beauty world. At least, that seems to be the consensus in the beauty market. Strobing is the new trend that seems to be pushing contouring to the side and taking the spotlight. Cool name... but what does strobing actually mean?

Essentially, Strobing is extra highlighting. Plain and simple. All you have to do is apply your favorite highlighter onto the high points of your face like your cheekbones, bridge of your nose and center of your forehead. This will give you a lovely dewy and youthful glow which is very appropriate for summer (or any season, really). Strobing is basically a super technical term for highlighting- a technique that has been done for ages by makeup artists (they are probably rolling their eyes at this "new" trend). Props to whoever came up with that name though.

Personally, I love highlighting more than contouring because I LOVE the dewy look and I like looking lit from within.... More like lit by bright football stadium lights from within. Strobing seems like a gimmick that was created by a makeup company who very shortly will release a "groundbreaking" strobing palette and expect the masses to flock and buy every palette in stock. THE JIG IS UP!

Here is an informative and hilarious video about strobing by my favorite youtuber, Jackie Aina.

What are your thoughts on Strobing?

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