The dark side of Blogging & Youtube

I love beauty and makeup. Since I was a teen I would spend my time watching makeup videos on youtube. At the time I had no idea about anything makeup and beauty related. I found the whole process confusing but fascinating at the same time. At the time I had absolutely no idea what foundation was! I learned a lot from Youtube and my favorite youtubers inspired me to start blogging. It was a very different time for youtubers and bloggers as they did it as a hobby and to meet other beauty obsessed people. Fast forward to now and many things have changed. Youtube and blogging for some has become an easy way for them to make money and reach internet fame.

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 It is increasingly common for youtubers and bloggers to get sponsored by companies regardless of subscriber count. Many companies are starting to understand how influential youtubers and bloggers are. For instance, when Jaclyn Hill mentioned Morphe in one of her videos Morphe's website crashed because of the massive amount of people trying to access their site. It is very common for high end makeup brands to send youtubers and bloggers makeup to try; Before it was usually indie makeup brands who would send makeup as they needed more exposure. I have even noticed some youtubers getting upset because a makeup brand didn't send them their latest makeup primer to try although they sent it to many others (not gonna say any names). A lot of popular youtubers and bloggers regularly have sponsored content on their blogs as they can receive free product and get paid for featuring a product on their channel or blog. This is a positive thing for them as this allows to turn their hobby into a job. It isn't known exactly how much they make but I have read an article that stated some popular instagrammers charge anywhere around $5,000- $15,000 for one picture about a sponsored product. Clearly, most of us are in the wrong profession *grabs camera and snaps selfies for Instagram*

Sponsors sounds like fun and games until bloggers and youtubers "forget" the rules and don't disclose the fact that new makeup primer that they LOVE although they only have been using it for a day was not purchased by them and that coupon code that they're shoving in your face every 5 seconds will actually make them money. I get it, blogging and making videos takes a lot of work. I know. I understand that while the brand is making money from you bringing them customers you want to get paid as well. However, there's nothing wrong with being honest and letting your subscribers know that the product you're featuring is sponsored. Why? Well, your subscribers are hard working people who want an honest review about a product and unlike you who received the product for free (no problem with that) they want to buy a product that will perform. There are countless times where a blogger or youtuber (I notice this on problem more on youtube) RAVED about a product and then people who purchased the product didn't like it- myself included. I once bought some lippies based on a ton of youtubers recommendations and once I tried it-it was nothing like they claimed. Bottom line, disclosing is crucial because no one likes an dishonest blogger.

Cattiness among bloggers and gurus
I haven't experienced this personally but I have seen a lot of drama in the youtube and blogging worlds. Some bloggers have insinuated that other bloggers have purchased followers and some youtubers have drama with others for many different reasons. It seems like sometimes some bloggers and youtubers compete with each other for popularity, more views and subscribers etc. Like I said, I haven't experienced this and I have made friends with a few bloggers- One blogger was even nice and patient enough to help me with my blog design! Competition definitely exists among some bloggers and youtubers because they may feel like they have to compete with each other for subscribers and attention from PRs.

PRs & Bloggers/Youtubers
PRs are people who work for a particular brand and they contact bloggers and youtubers and ultimately work together so that the person receives the product and may or may not feature it in their blog, youtube or social media sites. I haven't worked with many brands as I am a new blogger but I have heard of countless bloggers who complain that brands pressure them to only provide good reviews for their products and even not state that they received the products from them for free. A good example is when the owner of Limecrime got upset when a blogger gave an honest review of her products (which wasn't even negative) and Doe Deere bullied the blogger and threatened legal action if the blogger did not provide a glowing review about Limecrime (You can read more about this here). This pressure from brands creates an ethical dilemma for bloggers because they want to maintain a positive relationship with PRs so that they can continue working together in the future but they do not want to compromise their honesty and their morals. I have experienced this once when I saw that a brand was seeking bloggers to test their products and one of their requirements was that the blogger had to post a positive review. Needless to say, I steered clear from them. There are also other issues between brands and bloggers/youtubers.

We all know that there are many makeup brands that neglect to create foundation/concealer shades that match women of color which is not cool at all. I will never understand why brands feel as though they can neglect certain people of their target demographic as this causes them to lose business. Fortunately, there are makeup brands like NARS who have a large range of shades to suit many different skintones. Another issue is that there are many PRs who choose to not work with bloggers and youtubers of color. When a new product is going to be released the brand's PR sends makeup to many bloggers and youtubers but to very few bloggers and youtubers of color. Earth to makeup brands- we need these women to get press samples as well because we need to see how your product looks like on women of color.

I love blogging with all my heart but with all things in life there are good things and bad things and blogging is no exception. There is a small dark side of blogging and youtube and hopefully there will be a change and makeup brands, bloggers and youtubers will play by the rules.

What do you think?

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