My Skincare Saviors: LUSH (Suitable for Oily Blemish-Prone Skin)


It isn't everyday you stumble upon skincare products you can't live without. For the past couple of months my acne came back and no matter what I did, it wouldn't go away. I was about to give up until my best friend Marcel ordered some LUSH goodies and told me how amazing they were. I was desperate and I ordered right away. Mind you, I have heard of LUSH and I know they're known for their skincare but I never tried them until now. I picked up Herbalism cleanser, Tea Tree toner water, Grease Lightning and Mask of Magnaminty. After a few weeks of using them I have decided that I love them and they are definitely HG status.

Mask of Magnaminty- This is an intense but gentle mask. It deep cleans and pulls debris from my pores but when I wash it off it doesn't leave my skin feeling irritated or tight. It has beans to exfoliate the skin and that's great for people with flaky or dry skin. I love the peppermint scent and it has replaced my once favorite mint julep mask. I feel this mask definitely helps my skin looks its best and I use this once a week.

Tea Tree Water: This toner contains tea tree but don't worry it isn't like other tea tree products that can dry your skin out. If you didn't like The Body Shop's Tree Tree Toner, give this one a try. It's completely different. It feels so refreshing and the scent is very pleasant. It is great for those with oily skin.

Grease Lightning: This also contains tea tree and it is intended to be a spot treatment. It is a clear gel with no scent.You place this on top of a pimple and it will dry it out overnight. This little guy is super effective- I always notice a difference and it helped reduce the size of a few cystic acne bumps that I had  before using Lush. A little goes a long way and be sure just to place it on top of pimples. My best friend used to apply it on her face and noted that in some places where her skin was clear she'd get small pimples. This is easily one of the most effective spot cleansers that I've tried.

Herbalism: This is meant for oily blemish prone skin (me!). It has a lot of good herbs such as kaolin clay, rosemary, chamomile and more. It is kind of messy as you have to scoop some product out, mix with water into a paste and cleanse your face. As the name suggests, it smells very herbal which may be an unpleasant smell for some. I wasn't a fan of it at first but the scent has grown on me. Fortunately, the scent does not linger after you wash it off. Herbalism cleanses my skin very well and it doesn't leave my skin tight and dry like most cleansers for oily skin do.

I am obsessed with these products and I wish I had tried them earlier! My skin is so clear and when I do get a pimple they don't stand a chance because I use Grease Lightning right away. I stopped using retinol and vitamin c skincare system that I was once using and I'm going to stick with Lush.

What are your thoughts?
What are your favorite LUSH products?

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