All About Color Correcting!


Color correcting is a makeup technique that is so important if you have discoloration like acne scars, dark spots and dark under eyes. You may need to color correct if you notice that you apply foundation and concealer and you find that your acne scars and discoloration show through it. Color correcting helps hide discoloration and you use less concealer and foundation when you color correct under it.

How do I color correct?
You have probably seen tons of color correcting palettes in stores with of different shades like lavender, yellow, green and orange. You probably wondered "what the hell do I do with this?"

These different shades actually counteract the color of the discoloration that you want to hide. It's based off the makeup color wheel as the colors that are opposite each other neutralize each other.


 Following color theory, red under-eye circles, red acne scars and pimples will require a green concealer to neutralize the red. Blueish purple under eye circles will require a orange concealer. Dark spots and dark discoloration will also require an orange concealer. You apply the appropriate concealer on the area, blend it out and then apply your concealer and foundation.
I love to color correct to neutralize my red under-eye circles and acne scars and as a result I use less foundation and concealer to cover them up. I use my NYX concealer in green and I apply it with my Avon mark flat concealer brush.
nyx concealer green color correcting
My drugstore picks are NYX concealers and L.A girl HD concealers. I love the formula and they have a good color selection. L.A girl has a huge color selection though and they also have 3 color correcting shades. At $3 a pop, you cannot go wrong with them. NYX has liquid HD concealers and concealers in a jar. I have tried them both and love them. NYX also has the correcting shades but L.A girl beats them when it comes to a large shade selection for all skintones. NYX concealers retail around $6 and those are the ones that I currently use (I have gone through 5 of these).

Color correcting is an indispensable technique for those who have discoloration such as myself and you'll find that it will make a huge difference in your makeup.

Do you color correct?

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