Budget buy: trendy designer inspired sunglasses for only $5

trendy sunglasses spot quay dupe imitation

Sunglass Spot sells all styles of sunglasses for only $5 a pair. I randomly came across them while browsing on Instagram. Their whole feed is full of cute sunglasses and when I saw that their sunnies are only $5 a pair, I thought they were too good to be true. I recently broke my favorite pair of sunnies so I figured it was the perfect chance to buy some new sunglasses.

The first pair of sunglasses that caught my eye were their #4763 style. They look exactly like the Quay My Girl Cat Eye sunglasses that retail for around $50. Those are the sunglasses that Desi, Chrissspy and Patrick Starr are always rocking. I have been eyeing these sunglasses for a while now and when I saw these dupes I just had to snatch them up. They're available in several different shades and different color lenses. They're actually great quality and come with a pouch and a tissue to store and clean your sunglasses.

#3706 style are bold cat eye sunglasses. It can definitely add some glam to an outfit. I choose the gold style with gold lenses. Again it is of good quality but I don't like how it sits on my face- it kind sits a little crooked on my face.

Lastly, I chose the #3768 style for when I wanted to wear a chic but minimalist pair of sunglasses. Can you tell that I have a cat eye sunglasses obsession? I love the style and I love how it frames my face.

Most of Sunglass Spot sunglasses are dupes of high end sunglasses. They are well made considering that they only cost $5. Although I really don't need any more sunglasses.... there are a few more styles that I want. Specifically, Christian Dior dupes that I have been eyeing and the fashion gawds know that I will never spend $$$$ on sunglasses. I suggest checking out Sunglass Spot sunnies before you plan on buying any high end sunglasses because they have comparable dupes and maybe you'll stick with their sunnies and save some $$$.

What do you think?

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