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chrome nail art press on nails

This is my first time wearing press on nails which was exciting as I have never worn fake nails before. I have always been into chrome nails but chrome nail polish is pricey and doesn't last very long. I was browsing ebae ebay for press on nails and I stumbled upon these chrome press on nail beauties. They retailed for $5.99 which is amazing considering press on nails with this kind of design are sold for triple on sites like etsy.

The kit came with 12 nails- one for each nail and two different sizes for your thumb nail. Almost all of them fit my nails except my index fingers. Those press on nails were too wide for my index finger so I had to file them down to the correct size. Application was simple and I used my Kiss Max Speed glue which dries extremely fast. I'm very impressed with this glue. After all the press on nails were applied and dried, I filed down the tops of the nails slightly. You can apply some top coat for maximum shine but I didn't. I recommend adding top coat as it gives shine and also protects the chrome from getting scuffed from wear.

I was very apprehensive about wearing press on  nails because they can damage your nails but if you apply them properly then they aren't as bad. I received TONS of compliments on these nails since they are so bold- I'm really glad I bought them and I totally recommend these nails. 

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