Unsung Hereos | Sephora Oil-in-Gel Lipstick Remover

Liquid lipstick is the biggest thing that's trending in beauty. Every makeup brand is scrambling to launch their own line and we're buying them all. Liquid lipsticks have a matte finish and are formulated to be long-wearing. In light of this, they are generally hard to remove. This is where the Sephora Oil-in-Gel remover comes into play.

This lipstick remover makes it very easy to remove lipsticks on the go. You just have to apply a pea size amount on your lips, rub it for about 30 seconds, and it'll turn into an oily consistency. It gets the most stubborn of liquid lipsticks off your lips. If there's a stain left then you can apply a bit more and it should remove it all off.

You can definitely just use any type of oil to remove liquid lipsticks such as vegetable oil, olive oil, coconut oil etc but the great thing about this remover is that its travel friendly as you can just keep in your bag when needed. This is great for bloggers/youtubers who have to do lip swatches, people who want to remove their lipstick while on the go and more. It's a much better option to remove lipstick than makeup wipes as its so effective and leaves your lips feeling moisturized.

I bought this on Sephora for $5 but I believe Sephora doesn't carry it anymore but you can find it on Amazon. It may not be a must have product but it definitely makes my life a little easier because its so effortless.

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