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beauty bakerie - mon cheri - review - liquid lipstick - nc42

This is a new series on my blog showcasing indie beauty brands. Indie beauty brands are amazing and definitely offer great quality at very affordable prices. I discovered Beauty Bakerie on twitter and I was intrigued by their liquid lipsticks because of their bold #nosmudge claim. 

beauty bakerie - mon cheri - review - liquid lipstick - nc42

According to Beauty Bakerie, these liquid lipsticks are very pigmented and transfer-proof. They recently reformulated their packaging, and their new packaging is so lovely. It gives the product such a chic look. 

beauty bakerie - mon cheri - review - liquid lipstick - nc42

Mon Cheri is a beautiful blue-red shade that looks amazing on every skintone. It's very pigmented and sets in a 1 minute so you have time to work the product. The formula is very comfortable and its not very drying. To me formula is everything because my lips are very sensitive. The color can be absolutely beautiful but if it feels like sandpaper on my lips. then best believe that I'm not going to wear that lipstick. I've tried tons of liquid lipsticks and this is one of the most comfortable formulas I've encountered. *insert angels singing*

Mon Cheri is also very longwearing- I got 10 hours of wear and the inner part of my lips only wore off. Mind you, that if you eat greasy foods then it will wear off as oils break down liquid lipstick formulas.

beauty bakerie - mon cheri - review - liquid lipstick - nc42

Price: $20.00 USD
Rating: 9.5/10
One of my favorite long wearing liquid lipsticks. The only downside is they don't have a vast shade range but they are adding more shades and other makeup products to their brand

beauty bakerie - mon cheri - review - liquid lipstick - nc42

What are your thoughts?
What's your favorite liquid lipstick?

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Perfect Base | Concealer Edit

The key to a perfect face is a perfect base. Concealing your dark spots, acne scars etc will help ensure that your makeup looks its best. Unfortunately, for some of us- its not enough to simply apply concealer on your dark spots or undereyes. If you notice that even after you apply loads of concealer that you can still see the darkness peeking through, its because you need to correct that area first.

Correct (if necessary) + concealer + set with powder or bake (for undereyes)= perfect base

Color correcting has turned into a trend but it is a very important step if your skin needs it.
Correcting the areas that need it will help ensure that the area will be concealed after you apply your concealer and you'll find that you'll use less product. I have posted a color correcting 101 post, if you are interested in learning more about color correcting (click here). Once you color correct, apply your favorite concealer- I personally like to apply a full coverage concealer. My all time favorite concealer is MAC Prolongwear concealer in NC42. It is full coverage, you only need to apply a very minimal amount, and doesn't crease. Another tip is to not apply a concealer that is too light because it will give a grey cast on your undereyes. I like to color correct my undereyes and then apply a concealer that is my skin tone or maximum 1 shade lighter. A good drugstore alternative is NYX HD concealer ($6) or LA Girl Pro Concealer ($2-4 & amazing shade selection)- both deliver great coverage,  long wearing, and very inexpensive.

Depending on the concealer that you use, you may need to set it with powder to prevent creasing and ensure longer wear. Lately, I have been obsessed with baking my undereyes- I apply a loose powder (Sacha Cosmetics Buttercup Setting Powder) to my undereyes and allow it to sit on my undereyes for about 10-20 minutes as I do my eye makeup and brush the excess powder away. It brightens my undereyes, sets my undereyes, helps hide my undereye crease, and gives a lovely flawless finish. Plus, it helps catch eyeshadow fallout once you brush the excess powder off your face. Baking isn't completely necessary but I've been doing this almost every time I wear makeup.

Following these three steps have definitely stepped my makeup game up.
Be sure to check out Into The Gloss' post about best concealer pots

What is your favorite concealer?
Do you color correct or bake?

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Review | Fresh Soy Face Cleanser

As I become older, the more I understand that a proper skin routine is important. Good skin means less concealer and foundation you'll apply and makeup just sit better on your skin. My skincare routine is very important as I struggle with occasional acne that tends to be under control most of the time. Although my acne is under control, I still have to deal with acne scars and pitted scars.

Fresh Soy Face Cleanser is a bit of a cult product- a lot of people rave about this cleanser and I wanted to give this try and see if the hype is real. I purchased this cleanser at Sephora and the small size retails for $15.00.

Fresh claims that this cleanser will remove makeup and cleanse the skin.
It does a good job at removing my face makeup but I'm not completely sold on the claim that it removes makeup well because I usually need to go in and remove my eye-makeup with a makeup remover. I'm not surprised as it usually is a little tougher to remove eye makeup especially waterproof eyeliners and mascaras. The cleanser is a clear gel consistency with no fragrance. It doesn't lather and my face doesn't feel dried out after cleansing. It's a very gentle cleanser and I can see why its suitable for all skin types. If you're in need of a gentle cleanser or you have sensitive skin then I suggest you try this cleanser.

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Influenster | Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless

Maybelline's most popular foundation and (IMO) one of the best drugstore foundation has come out with several more shades for a total of 24 foundation shades in their Matte + Poreless range. The shades range from pale skin tones to dark skin tones- in my opinion, they could come out with some more darker shades. However, its a pretty nice range considering a lot of drugstore and even high end brands tend to not carry (aka ignore) a vast range of shades. They tend to focus on 50 shades of beige.

maybelline - fit me - 355 coconut

Maybelline Matte + Poreless is a fantastic foundation. It gives a lovely matte finish and it lasts throughout the day; I don't find that it fades throughout the day. I reviewed this foundation last year and its still one of my favorite foundations. Influenster sent me this foundation in their Maybelline voxbox. Unfortunately, they sent me 355 coconut which is the wrong shade. I tried to make the most of it and I've been using it for contouring.

Have you tried Fit Me Matte + Poreless?

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February Beauty Review

I'm so proud of myself for posting this monthly favorites on time. It's one of my goals this year to be consistent with these posts. This month I've been buying a lot of makeup; I haven't gotten around to using it all or coming to a decision of what I think of them. Hopefully, I will include them in my March Beauty Review.

Sleek Face Form "Medium": I've owned this palette for a couple years and I have barely made a dent in it, swag. Sleek Face Form kit is a very inexpensive but great quality contour palette. It comes with a cool tone contour powder, natural highlighter, and a bronzer. I'm not a fan of the bronzer but I love the contour and highlighter. It really is a must have product for beginners.

L'Oreal Miss Manga Black Angel: One of my all time favorite mascaras. This gives me a beautiful long voluminous lash look. Nuff said.

La Splash Art-Ki-Tech Liner: This is totally a "Instagram made buy it" purchase. It looked so dark in swatches that I saw on IG that I just had to try it. This liner is very black and the felt tip is very thin so you can draw the thinnest of lines or draw it as thick as you like. It is also a longwearing waterproof formula.

NYX Eyeshadow "Dance The Tides": This eyeshadow has been my favorite ever since I bought it. I tend to use it every time I do an eyeshadow look. I use it as a transition shade and its said to be a dupe of MAC Saddle eyeshadow. 

What is your favorite product from February?
What's your least favorite?

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