Review | Fresh Soy Face Cleanser

As I become older, the more I understand that a proper skin routine is important. Good skin means less concealer and foundation you'll apply and makeup just sit better on your skin. My skincare routine is very important as I struggle with occasional acne that tends to be under control most of the time. Although my acne is under control, I still have to deal with acne scars and pitted scars.

Fresh Soy Face Cleanser is a bit of a cult product- a lot of people rave about this cleanser and I wanted to give this try and see if the hype is real. I purchased this cleanser at Sephora and the small size retails for $15.00.

Fresh claims that this cleanser will remove makeup and cleanse the skin.
It does a good job at removing my face makeup but I'm not completely sold on the claim that it removes makeup well because I usually need to go in and remove my eye-makeup with a makeup remover. I'm not surprised as it usually is a little tougher to remove eye makeup especially waterproof eyeliners and mascaras. The cleanser is a clear gel consistency with no fragrance. It doesn't lather and my face doesn't feel dried out after cleansing. It's a very gentle cleanser and I can see why its suitable for all skin types. If you're in need of a gentle cleanser or you have sensitive skin then I suggest you try this cleanser.

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