CLOSED: Colourpop Matte X Lippie Stix | Review, Swatches & Giveaway!

Colourpop released a new collection of lippie stix. Matte X collection is claimed to be very matte and pigmented. Their matte collection isn't a true matte finish- more of a satin finish, to be honest. The Matte X collection is matte, pigmented, and comfortable on the lips. There are 15 shades within the collection which consist of nudes, pinks, bolds, and vampy colors. I picked up 6 shades because I love Colourpop's lippie stix. They retail for $5 each on

I picked up Cami, Topless, Chateau, Bootie, Poppin, and Back Up. I am very happy to say that I love these lippie stix. These lippie stix apply smoothly on the lips, no dragging at all. They are very pigmented and I don't find them drying. Mind you, you do need to exfoliate your lips because the dryness can be accentuated especially with the bolder colors. Wear time is great, I can get about 4 hours of comfortable wear. I find that it has a very smooth finish on the lips.

Cami: Neutral mauve pink. Everyday nude shade.
Chateau: Dark burgundy red. Beautiful fall vampy shade.
Bootie: Red-orange. Very bold and looks great on most skin tones.
Topless:  Bright yellow tangerine. Applies very streaky and a tad too light. 
I wouldn't recommend this color.
Poppin': This was initially released during their anniversary sale a couple months ago. 
Back Up: Mid tone plum. One of my favorite shades. Very similar to Mac's Heroine although Heroine isn't as matte. 

Overall, I give the Matte X collection 2 thumbs up. I highly suggest you check them out. I love most of the shades with the exception of Topless- I find that it applies very streaky and its too light on me. If you do like it then maybe you'll have to pair it with a lip liner so it isn't as stark on the lips. Matte X lippie stix really lives up to its claims!

It's been a long time since I posted a giveaway so I decided to buy some shades to giveaway to you guys! So, I'm giving away 5 shades with the exception of chateau, sorry! I thought I bought it but apparently I didn't. One winner will win Cami, Bootie, Topless, Poppin, and Back Up.
There are three mandatory entries and optional entries with the possibility of earning up to 11 points. The giveaway will end until 6/30/16 and is open internationally.

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No-Buy Summer '16

I have been contemplating on going on a no-buy a few months now. Whenever I would set my mind to a no-buy, there was always a makeup sale that would distract me and I'd promise to start my no buy eventually. I think most bloggers and youtubers may relate- we may feel compelled to buy the newest makeup product so we can review it on the blog/ youtube channel or maybe its just cute. That was my excuse. However, its May and I still haven't fulfilled my promise- but believe me that this time is different and I will start my no buy starting next week for the whole summer.

Yikes! I know, I'm not sure if I can make it either but honestly with all of the shopping I've done I have enough lip products, eye shadows, foundations etc to last me a couple years to be honest. I think the reason behind the shopping is due to the tremendous anxiety that I have been dealing with for the past few months. Now that I am graduating from college, I have more important things to worry about like paying student loans and finding a job/internship *cries*

Anyway, here are the rules to the game:

  • The no-buy starts from May 16, 2016 and ends on August 1, 2016
  • I will not buy any makeup (I didn't include clothes because I mostly go makeup shopping anyway)
  • If I do choose to buy a makeup product then my no buy will be extended by one week per product purchased (let's make it interesting)
  • My monthly ipsy subscription box is an exception
I'm kind of confident that I will be able to complete this challenge. Hopefully, the monthly ipsy box will calm my cravings. Plus, I will post more makeup looks on my blog using the products I already own. Makeup isn't everything and we as bloggers don't need to purchase every product that launches for the blog or Instagram post. 

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