No-Buy Summer '16

I have been contemplating on going on a no-buy a few months now. Whenever I would set my mind to a no-buy, there was always a makeup sale that would distract me and I'd promise to start my no buy eventually. I think most bloggers and youtubers may relate- we may feel compelled to buy the newest makeup product so we can review it on the blog/ youtube channel or maybe its just cute. That was my excuse. However, its May and I still haven't fulfilled my promise- but believe me that this time is different and I will start my no buy starting next week for the whole summer.

Yikes! I know, I'm not sure if I can make it either but honestly with all of the shopping I've done I have enough lip products, eye shadows, foundations etc to last me a couple years to be honest. I think the reason behind the shopping is due to the tremendous anxiety that I have been dealing with for the past few months. Now that I am graduating from college, I have more important things to worry about like paying student loans and finding a job/internship *cries*

Anyway, here are the rules to the game:

  • The no-buy starts from May 16, 2016 and ends on August 1, 2016
  • I will not buy any makeup (I didn't include clothes because I mostly go makeup shopping anyway)
  • If I do choose to buy a makeup product then my no buy will be extended by one week per product purchased (let's make it interesting)
  • My monthly ipsy subscription box is an exception
I'm kind of confident that I will be able to complete this challenge. Hopefully, the monthly ipsy box will calm my cravings. Plus, I will post more makeup looks on my blog using the products I already own. Makeup isn't everything and we as bloggers don't need to purchase every product that launches for the blog or Instagram post. 

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