Ipsy June 2016 Glam Bag!

Ipsy bag, take two. This is my June 2016 Ipsy bag. I was not very pleased with my first bag which I showed on my Youtube channel. I was apprehensive about this month's bag because I was planning on unsubscribing or getting another subscription service. If you're new to Ipsy, its essentially a makeup subscription service where you pay $10 a month (more if you live outside the U.S). You get 5 deluxe or full size samples which cost well over $10 so you definitely get your moneys worth. Ipsy is personalized so you take a quiz and it gauges what kind of products you like and sends those to you each month. There are plenty of subscription services out there and Ipsy is one of the most inexpensive available. 

This month's Ipsy bag's theme is Rebel Rebel. The bag has graffiti design on it with Ipsy written in random spots. I like the material that the bag is made out of. It's thick material and feels like its made out of great quality.

ipsy 2016 june bag the balm jouer

Meet Matte Trimony e/s "Marriage Material" Matte Kumar: This is a tiny eyeshadow sample but I don't mind because I rarely hit pan on e/s. This individual eyeshadow is from their Meet Matte Trimony palette. It is very pigmented and blendable.

Elizabeth Mott Show Me Your Cheeks "Peach Pink": It's supposed to be a blush but when swatched it looks more like a highlighter or a blush topper. Nevertheless, its very pretty. 

ipsy 2016 june bag the balm jouer

Jouer Cream Highlighter in "Tiara": I was very excited to try this as I have heard a lot of Jouer hype on youtube. This highlighter is very sheer, you have to build it up for more intensity. I don't mind this as I have textured skin near my cheekbones and adding intense highlight isn't a good look. Highlighter is supposed to highlight an area so applying a lot of highlighter on textured skin just emphasizes that area.

ipsy 2016 june bag the balm jouer

Hey Honey Day & Night Moisturizing Cream: My favorite product from this bag so far. It is very moisturizing which is something I definitely need because I am using a BHA exfoliant and it leaves my skin super dry. This cream counteracts that and my skin looks kind of radiant after I apply it. I only use this at night because I wear a moisturizer with SPF during the day but I'm sure this layers well under makeup. I just may buy the full size.

Delectable By Cake Beauty, Everything Balm: I have nothing bad to say about this balm. It is super moisturizing similar to my Jack Black lip balm. It has no scent and I use it every night.  

I like what I got in this month's bag. I like the theme and the bag. The products I received are much better than last month's bag. I can see myself using all of these products and I'm not entirely sure if I'm going to unsubscribe from Ipsy as I previously thought.

What did you get in your Ipsy bag?

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Dangers of Counterfeit Makeup

High end makeup is becoming increasingly more expensive and drugstore makeup isn't too far behind. Luxury brands like Chanel, Dior, Tom Ford are coveted but they cost an arm and a leg; unfortunately, a lot of us makeup lovers can't afford high end makeup but we want to try them.

Counterfeit makeup offers a simple low cost solution- you can buy them at a fraction of the real thing and they look almost exactly alike. So they should function the same, right? Well, no. The amount of detail dedicated towards the packaging of the product is not devoted towards the product itself. The result is unpigmented, chalky, and overall useless product. Not to mention, the strong possibility of them containing bad chemicals like lead and even feces.

While many women think counterfeit makeup can be harmless, its important to consider the fact the FDA found traces of lead in lipsticks of various brands ranging from high end to low end in 2011. If lead was found in authentic makeup then there's a higher chance of finding larger quantities of lead or other substances in counterfeit makeup. Therefore, buying counterfeit makeup can become dangerous and the product is very sub par.

Try to avoid shopping for makeup on sites such as Aliexpress and ebay. There is a very high likelihood that the makeup you're buying is fake and the likelihood is higher if its being sold at a much lower price than retail. 

An Anastastia glow kit for $12? Definitely fake. 
Kat Von D palette for $10? Definitely fake. 
You get the gist of it.

Its much safer to buy makeup from trusted and reputable retailers. If money is an issue then save up and buy during a sale. If you're planning on buying makeup on ebay and amazon then keep in mind that even counterfeit nyx cosmetics has been sold on these retailers. Don't get me wrong, I love ebay but I only buy makeup brushes and lashes on there. Health is becoming a luxury these days and makeup is only makeup- don't jeopardize your health for something as temporary as makeup.

Have you ever purchased counterfeit makeup?
What are your thoughts?

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May 2016 Favorites!

paula's choice bha liquid - nina ultra pro blue nail polish - wet n wild new brushes

I'm so sorry for the late monthly favorites post but at least its up. I've had a great month: I graduated from college, started my youtube channel, and went on vacation. The major downside is that I broke my makeup no-buy too many times to keep count. While I wasn't able to abide by my no-buy, I have been able to abstain from going crazy with makeup buying. In May I discovered a few gems that I want to share with you all.

Paula's Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant: I bought this for only $10! I am in love with this product. I suffer from acne and I find that this helps with my acne- I haven't experienced large cysts like I used to. The small bumps on my skin that I couldn't seem to get rid off have gone away. Plus, my acne scars are starting to fade a little bit.

Nina Ultra Pro Nail Lacquer "Ocean View": I've been obsessed with pastel and cobalt blue for some reason so when I saw this nail polish I could not help but buy it. I absolutely love this nail polish shade and the formula isn't too bad either. I bought this for about $4 at Sally's Beauty Supply. 

Wet n Wild Blush & Powder Brushes: If you've been following my blog for awhile then you'd know that I'm a major Wet n Wild fan. Lately, WnW has been killing it with their new releases. I have yet to pick up their highlighters because they're so elusive but I did get my hands on most of their new brushes. The design is so cute and ergonomic as it has a small groove to rest your finger on the brush. The bristles are very soft and blend powders very well. I definitely recommend you pick up at least these 2 brushes out of the line.

What are your favorites of the month?
Have you tried these products and what are your thoughts?

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