Bite Beauty Multi-Sticks Swatches: Blondie, Cocoa, & Macaroon

bite beauty multisticks cocoa blondie macaroon swatches nc42

I have to preface this unboxing-first impressions post by saying that this is by far the coolest Influenster voxbox I've ever received. Seriously, if you haven't joined Influenster yet then please do. You get sent free products to review- can't get any better than that. Now that I've said this, lets move  onto the first impressions.

I've never tried Bite Beauty before and I always wanted to as I've heard wonderful things about their lipsticks. Bite Beauty products are also formulated without petrochemicals and silicone. The Multi-Stick is a multi functional lipstick, blush, cream eyeshadow, etc. It is supposed to apply creamy and set to a powder like finish. They are meant to be ideal to use on the go and you can basically use it as you please. I received 3 shades from Influenster: Blondie, Macaroon, and Cocoa. 
bite beauty multisticks cocoa blondie macaroon swatches nc42

Blondie is a nude almost my skin tone
Cocoa is a dark chocolate brown
Macaroon is a dusty rose

Retails for $24 at Sephora
Formulated without:

Blondie is a little too light for me to use on the cheeks- I could use this as a nude lipstick or on my eyelids. Cocoa is my favorite, I love brown lipsticks and I have been using this as a cream contour. Macaroon is a gorgeous color but I feel like this color doesn't suit me especially on my lips so I've been rocking Macaroon as a blush.

bite beauty multisticks cocoa blondie macaroon

Formula wise, the products looks very wet in the bullet as you can see in the picture. It is very creamy and it glides effortlessly. Pigmentation is very opaque so no complaints here. These multi-sticks are also very blendable and they aren't very intense- they give a very natural finish. They set to a powder finish so I didn't find that I needed to set this with a powder.

The packaging is very understated but functional. It has a magnetized cap so you don't have to worry about making a mess in your purse. 

I love Cocoa but I don't really care for Macaroon and Blondie. 
I love how functional these multisticks are and I have my eye on Anise.
Bite Beauty Multisticks are amazing for those days no makeup makeup days or you have to get ready on the go.

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